Kid Art Review #4   03.13.15

For this edition of "Kid Art Reviews" our guest reviewer is Ethan. At 11 years old Ethan is already a veteran of attending art shows. He visited us before Valentine's Day this year and this is what he had to say about our spring projects here at SPACES.

Questions about a Specific Piece in the Exhibition
(SPACES) What is your favorite piece in the show and why is it your favorite?

(ET) What if the City was a Mountain? because it reminded me of what my mom does and it's really detailed. It looked pretty cool and a lot of hard work was put into it.

(SP) If you could eat this piece what would it taste like? Would it be spicy, tart, sweet, salty, bland, etc.?

(ET) I think it would be kind of salty but have a texture like laughy taffy. I don't know why I thought it would be salty, but I thought it would have a texture like laughy taffy because of how the plastic-y part looked. It sort of looked shiny like laughy taffy (laughing)... I don't know.

(SP) If this piece was a person you didn't know would you want to say "hi" to them or get to know them? Would they be friendly or shy?

(ET) I think they would be shy. I would want to know them but I might be a little nervous myself. I'm pretty shy. I wouldn't just go up to some random person and say, "hey I want to know you," except I would want to know them.

(SP) Does this piece remind you of anything you have seen before?

(ET) The mountains and the shape molds remind me of my mom's artwork. It reminded me of it because it was the same plastic and mold that my mom makes with paper. Same kind of shapes and folds to make the mountain.

Questions about the Exhibition in General
(SP) If you could sum the show up in one word what would that word be?

(ET) Detailed. The mountain piece was very detailed. The rest of the show was about feelings and stuff. There was a lot of work that went into it.

(SP) Does this show make you want to do anything? Go ride a bike, take a nap, throw rocks, have a sandwich, draw, watch tv, play, etc.

(ET) I want to study what Cleveland looks like and see how it is similar to the exhibit. Because they spent a bunch of time making Cleveland look like a mountain and I barely know anything about where anything is in the City and I live here. I kind of want to figure out more about that. Maybe build a tiny map of the city out of Legos.

(SP) If there was one thing you would say to the artist what would that be?

(ET) This is really cool and you should do more stuff like this.

(SP) If there was one question you could ask the artist what would that be?

(ET) What gave you the idea to do this? I wouldn't just look at a map of Cleveland and ask what if this was a mountain.

(SP) Out of 5 Truman's how many Truman's would you give this show?

(ET) Five, it was a pretty cool show. It made me want to learn more about art and all that stuff because usually I just sit around and play on my ipad at art shows. After looking around and studying it a lot more it actually seems pretty awesome.

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Author: Michelle Epps, Community Engagement Manager
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