Join us Friday with an Open Mind   03.15.11

As we prepare for another series of events led by Machine Project, it seems it would be helpful to provide some insight or an attempt at insight as to what environment you should prepare for. This collective has brought over the duration of their exhibition a variety of talent and wisdom, which has proven to be quite enthralling and entertaining.

On Friday, the experimental meditation center of los angeles presents an artist-led evening of experimentation with facilitation by Laura Steenberge and Adam Overton.

You may be wondering what experimental meditation is…the experimental meditation center of los angeles provides a very loose definition on the website and is as follows: "our definition of meditation is loose, areligious, and open to many gentle forms. In fact, we believe that the notion of 'experimental meditation' is redundant, in that all meditation is an experiment in shifting our perceptions." (

After reading this, you may be a bit more intrigued to do some research on the idea of experimental meditation and it's definitely something I pondered on and did look into. The finding was surprising; there is no one prescribed method…it cannot be pigeonholed. There are various methods with which people practice meditation and believe it to be useful to them.

A website devoted to discussing experimental meditation provided the following about meditation:

Meditation as defined by the presence of 2 qualities:
1) Mental preoccupation with some spiritual topic as opposed to a material concern
2) An effort to listen quietly as a witness or uninvolved, objective observer in order to gain insight (

Therefore, this weekend at SPACES, we will provide events that capture our mission statement: to be a resource and public forum for artists who explore and experiment. And while you may not be a self-described artist, you are encouraged and invited to come and participate in these collaborative efforts.

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Please Sit on the Art   03.07.11

Please sit on the art. Yes, sit on the art. Climb and, dare I say, lay on the art. For weeks we have told you about the couchbleachers. This homage to the couch potato in all of us serves as seating and a sculptural backdrop to the many, many Machine Project events at SPACES. Now watch below as Machine Project artist Nate Page creates the couchbleachers.

What's next? Machine Project has sent another—yet another—talented artist from LA. Laura Steenberge will give a lecture on the History of Couch Furniture Saturday, March 12 at 7:00 p.m. This lecture will be an informal and funny look at couches and our relationship with them. So come by SPACES, pick out your favorite couch, listen, lounge and laugh with us and Laura. Laura Steenberge is a Musician, Linguist and science charlatan of sorts.

Big shout out and thanks to the Salvation Army on 55th for their great deals and Norton Furniture  on Payne Ave. for the donation
Big shout out and thanks to the Salvation Army on 55th for their great deals and Norton Furniture on Payne Ave. for the donation

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