Preview: Jimmy Kuehnle   01.30.13

Jimmy Kuehnle, SPACES' current artist-in-resident, will launch his project titled Jimmy Kuehnle's Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment: Cleveland this Friday, February 1st. Kuehnle is known lately for his many inflatable projects including the one on view at The Sculpture Center ( through February 23rd. For SPACES, he harkens back to his earlier bicycle projects from 2004-05 such as Invisible Bike (2005) and Drawing Bike (2005).

Jimmy Kuehnle's Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment: Cleveland involves an industrial tricycle used to haul dies around an Indianapolis warehouse. Outfitted with a twisted cloud of lights, this cycle will travel around the streets of Cleveland, and when not in use, will be on view at SPACES. Prior to the opening reception at SPACES this Friday, February 1st, Kuehnle will ride the tricycle from Tower City Center across the Carnegie Bridge to SPACES.

Check back at frequently for updates on new events involving the twinkling tricycle out and about in Cleveland.

More details at: And by the way "Kuehnle" is pronounced like "keenly."

Jimmy Kuehnle,
Jimmy Kuehnle, "Invisible Bike," 2005.

Keywords: jimmy kuehnle, light, performance art, sound, swap
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: Artists

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