Dott Schneider: Administrative Viking   05.27.11

The Artwood Derby on Wednesday confirmed what a great idea it was to move back to Cleveland. I am so proud and excited to be working for SPACES, such a vital venue for our area! If you didn't know this already, there's no real sister organization where artists can explore and experiment within a 5 HOUR drive radius! Can you imagine? It's only one of the things that makes us so unique.

There are SO many opportunities to get involved here. My position as your shiny, new Office Assistant (or Administrative Viking as I like to refer to myself) is so diverse I'm getting a well rounded education. There's never a dull moment and the team is awesome. And don't you worry, I'll be knocking at your virtual door to keep you aware of our goings on and such, as well as opportunities to get and keep YOU involved.

BTW: SPACES just turned 33 and that falls within my dating age range! ;) It's going to be a great relationship.

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The Point-of-View from a Volunteer   04.22.11

As this is my first blog entry, I should introduce myself. My name is Brenton Pahl and I have been a Volunteer at SPACES since August 2010. I graduated from Cleveland State with a Bachelor's in Art History in the Fall of 2009. This coming Fall I will be attending grad school for Art History. After being an Intern at the Cleveland Museum of Art for a year before this, this is by far my favorite gig yet. Since there is such a small staff, everything I do has a sense of necessity and there is a great feeling of belonging and camaraderie amongst us. What I enjoy the most is all of the hands-on work that I get to do.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done during shows and even more so in between them. I have had the opportunity to do the lighting for the past few shows, helped Machine Project artist Nate Page find the couches for his couchbleachers as well as build the platform for them, and also assisted in hanging South African SWAP artist Nandipha Mntambo's paintings that were up from Nov. 2010 Jan. 2011. I don't know of another place that is as accessible as SPACES-where I get the chance to work with world artists and other experimental artists and still lend a very helping hand.

Hope the good times just keep on a rollin'.

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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Please Sit on the Art   03.07.11

Please sit on the art. Yes, sit on the art. Climb and, dare I say, lay on the art. For weeks we have told you about the couchbleachers. This homage to the couch potato in all of us serves as seating and a sculptural backdrop to the many, many Machine Project events at SPACES. Now watch below as Machine Project artist Nate Page creates the couchbleachers.

What's next? Machine Project has sent another—yet another—talented artist from LA. Laura Steenberge will give a lecture on the History of Couch Furniture Saturday, March 12 at 7:00 p.m. This lecture will be an informal and funny look at couches and our relationship with them. So come by SPACES, pick out your favorite couch, listen, lounge and laugh with us and Laura. Laura Steenberge is a Musician, Linguist and science charlatan of sorts.

Big shout out and thanks to the Salvation Army on 55th for their great deals and Norton Furniture  on Payne Ave. for the donation
Big shout out and thanks to the Salvation Army on 55th for their great deals and Norton Furniture on Payne Ave. for the donation

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