Podcast: Interview with Jef Scharf   09.11.12

SPACES Executive Director Christopher Lynn sat down to talk to Jef Scharf about The Euclid Square Mall Project ( —Scharf's combination installation and non-narrative experimental video document. This interview is a second take, since the first time the audio sounded horrible. It's too bad, because there were some gems in that first conversation. That being said, the second take is chock full of goodness as well. Take a listen:

Interview with Jef Scharf 09.11.12 / Download »

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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Machine Project at the Walker Art Center   09.11.11

Our friends and former SWAP artists-in-residence from Machine Project were at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis this summer. Check out the video of their time there.

Machine Project at the Walker Art Center from machine project on Vimeo.

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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The Bright Lights of Capitalism   07.21.11

Does Capitalism work for you? That's what Steve Lambert wants to know. And now, so do we.

Steve, our current SWAP artist, is making a sign. A big, flashy, old-school sign. You're gonna love it. And you're gonna see it very soon…..but we could use your help. Just a little bit. It turns out that building a HUGE outdoor metal sign is rather costly. And Steve doesn't just want this thing to sit in the gallery. There's an interactive component-you get to vote-and you get to talk about how and why you voted (if you want). The sign will travel around town, and then it will travel around the country. The goals are many, and the participation is crucial-we would love to get as many people involved as possible. If you're interested in donating (1 dollar? a billion dollars?), then visit the project's kickstarter page and get excited: Donating through kickstarter also gets you special access to Steve's backers-only-updates. I will also tell you that at certain levels, you get a really cool phone call. And art.

Or if you just want to know what's going on with the sign once it's made and traveling, then make sure you're connected to SPACES on our fb page, twitter, and e-blasts. You can also check out Steve-y info on his website:

Steve at SPACES. He's happy because you care.
Steve at SPACES. He's happy because you care.

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The Point-of-View from a Volunteer   04.22.11

As this is my first blog entry, I should introduce myself. My name is Brenton Pahl and I have been a Volunteer at SPACES since August 2010. I graduated from Cleveland State with a Bachelor's in Art History in the Fall of 2009. This coming Fall I will be attending grad school for Art History. After being an Intern at the Cleveland Museum of Art for a year before this, this is by far my favorite gig yet. Since there is such a small staff, everything I do has a sense of necessity and there is a great feeling of belonging and camaraderie amongst us. What I enjoy the most is all of the hands-on work that I get to do.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done during shows and even more so in between them. I have had the opportunity to do the lighting for the past few shows, helped Machine Project artist Nate Page find the couches for his couchbleachers as well as build the platform for them, and also assisted in hanging South African SWAP artist Nandipha Mntambo's paintings that were up from Nov. 2010 – Jan. 2011. I don't know of another place that is as accessible as SPACES-where I get the chance to work with world artists and other experimental artists and still lend a very helping hand.

Hope the good times just keep on a rollin'.

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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Stuff We Need, Stuff You Got   04.07.11

It never fails: for every exhibition at SPACES there is an artist who needs stuff—good stuff, new stuff, old stuff, borrowed stuff, tech stuff, free stuff, cheap stuff, expensive stuff, your stuff, our stuff.

So, to make things easy we've listed all the things artists have requested we locate. Can you help? Most likely yes.

How you can help:

  • If you locate items on the list send us an email at, Attn: Stuff List
  • let us know what you have located, which artist it is for, how many there are, price, where it is, or if the item(s) be dropped off at SPACES.

So let's begin...
Rainbow Lightning (SPACELab, Akron, OH):
Here is a list of items they need for their SPACELab installation:
  • fake flowers
  • wax
  • fabrics
  • embroidery threads and backing
  • fiber fill and other stuffing
  • house paint
  • clothes, sheets
  • kids tents
  • bleach, rope
  • dyes
  • balls the size of basketballs or soccer
  • clear plastic bottles
  • clear beads
  • shiny objects or beads
  • mirror beads or gems
  • x-mas ornaments
  • fluorescent lighting and fixtures
  • small mirrors

Tamar Harpaz (SWAP artist from Israel):
  • slide projectors (all types)
  • reflecta slide projector 2500 AF-IR with 2.8/90mm
  • slide projector bulbs
  • glass slides

Amy Youngs (SWAP artist from Columbus, OH):
  • claw foot bathtub
  • shower curtain hoop
  • hydroponic herbs and lettuces

photo courtesy of Rainbow Lightning
photo courtesy of Rainbow Lightning

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