Wah wah wah, Facebook profile deleted   07.08.09

Well, it finally happened. When I was new to -- and somewhat overwhelmed by -- social networking and managing the media's shift from press release to post, I signed SPACES up for a profile page on Facebook ... unaware of its inevitable deletion. Our profile page grew at super-power speed. And amidst its growth, we started hearing stories of Facebook deleting organizations' profile pages because they are intended for individuals. Slowly, but surely, we lured our profile friends to our fan page and almost caught up, but today, as I was accepting friends and requesting that they shift on over to our fan page, our profile page died on us, or rather, Facebook killed it.

As I mentioned, this has happened to a few other organizations. Thankfully we have our fan page in place. Here you will receive shout-outs to other organizations, some quick notes about upcoming events, and your #DailyArtDose (You cannot do without this). However, consider joining our group page so that we can contact you directly through your Facebook email with detailed news on events and special offers. I want to assure you, my contact with you via email is about quality, not quantity.

So, now that I have calmed down, let go of my unnatural attachment to our original profile, and have regained my enthusiasm for the possibilities a fan page has to offer, I ask that you join immediately. We can't live without you ... and admit it, you can't live without us.

Seriously though, we truly appreciate your interest in following our exhibitions, events, and updates.

Posted by Nicole Edwards, Aspiring Social Networking Guru

Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: General


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