Who Wants Leftovers?   11.30.11

Thanksgiving was a solid week ago... Anyone hungry for more?

Come on out to SPACES tomorrow night at 6:30 for Leftover Mashed Thoughtatoes: three speakers on three topics, all mashed together with unexpected results. All that, PLUS real live mashed potatoes!

This time, CATopia artists Ben Kinsley and Jessica Langley have invited pet psychologist Janet Hoopes from Good Kitty Behavioral Practice to help us understand what makes our cats tick. Sound artist Christopher Auerbach-Brown will perform part of The Ursonate-a sound poem by Kurt Schwitters. And Eva Lucien will join others from the Burning River Roller Girls in suiting up and sharing their passion for roller derby.

Each speaker has 20 minutes to present, followed by a mashed-up Q&A discussion. Just like families around holiday dinner tables-- Don't miss it!

$5 at the door or FREE for SPACES' members.

What Makes Cats Sleep In Bowls of Mashed Potatoes?
What Makes Cats Sleep In Bowls of Mashed Potatoes?

Author: Kate Sopko, Residency Champion
Category: Events


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