7000 Marks: Letter Writing Workshop

Friday, December 01, 2017, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Use the pencils from 7000 Marks to take direct action on international borders during this discussion and letter writing workshop with R&D artists Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg.

BOUNDARIES - Letter writing and direct action on boundaries and immigration
The geopolitical tightening of boundaries we are witnessing today run parallel to the ecological community's commitment to protecting native ecosystems from invasive plant pathogens introduced through global trade, reckless agricultural and extractionist practices. One can argue that the tightening of ecological boundaries to protect native plant and animal communities is a critical step toward conservation, but how may we problematize the way these drawn and reinforced boundaries echo the anti-immigration sentiments on display by our current administration and beyond? Join UC Davis biologist Kerry Frangioso, immigration activist Veronica Dahlberg, and 7000 Marks artists Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg in a discussion on these themes and activate the 7000 pencils through letter writing and direct action.

Kerri Frangioso has been studying Sudden Oak Death since it was first discovered in 2000. She has been a Staff Research Associate for the UC Davis, David Rizzo, Plant Pathology Lab for over 10 years. Living and working in Big Sur throughout this time, she has witnessed the impact of Sudden Oak Death and fire to the forests in this region.

Veronica Isabel Dahlberg was born in Canton, Ohio, the daughter of Mexican and Hungarian immigrants. The founder and executive director of HOLA Ohio, she has been an activist working to empower the Latino and immigrant community for more than 20 years, through community organizing, civic engagement, advocacy, and leadership development. Under her direction, HOLA Ohio has been the recipient of multiple honors. Director David Sutherland is currently filming a long-form documentary about immigration as seen through HOLA's work.

Free and open to the public.

7000 Marks: Letter Writing Workshop

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