a spaces gathering: under construction

Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 7:00PM

"SPACES is under construction, both physically and mentally. This summer SPACES will be moving around walls and making changes to its physical gallery space. The public is invited to help in the conceptual construction at SPACES-to build it into an even more vital and challenging institution (hard hats not required, just thinking caps).

On May 25th starting at 7:00 p.m., SPACES staff and board will be situated around the gallery for meaningful conversations with those in attendance. Like speed dating, every ten minutes attendees will be asked to stand up and rotate to a new table where they can delve into a lively discussion with a different staff member.

Participants can throw out ideas for SPACES, chat about the current exhibition, mull over the Cleveland art scene, vent frustrations, ask for a studio visit, have a portfolio review, and help construct a better SPACES. Staff members can field ideas, address concerns and explain how SPACES is changing and contributing to the cultural landscape.

Aside from the conceptual construction SPACES will be under that night, there will also be some cathartic de-construction. Individuals are invited to write on one of the gallery walls something they wish SPACES would change. They would then subsequently smash that wall with a sledgehammer (safety goggles will be provided). On a nearby wall, individuals will then be able to write what they love about SPACES and find meaningful. Those writings will then be sealed up behind a new layer of plywood and drywall to become a permanent part of SPACES-an architectural time capsule, so to speak.

Join us for an evening of ideas."

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