App to the Future

2010 Benefit Auction

Saturday, November 06, 2010, 6:00PM - 1:00AM

Fire up the flux capacitor! For one evening only, SPACES gives you low-brow hi-fi technology to go back ? or forward! ?in time. Whether you're an arcade addict or a sci-fi guy, you'll fit right in our time warp. Do you do vinyl, 8-tracks, CDs, mp3s or live stream? Does "Pong" make you nostalgic? Max Headroom m-m-make you mad? Express the eHarmony you and your iPad share. Either way, it's party time and SPACES is your App to the Future.

Come dressed to fit your favorite tech era. There will be art, food, drink, and treats for techies at every level! Celebrate technology through the decades at the wackiest party of the year to benefit SPACES, the resource and forum for artists who explore and experiment. Join us, along with 300?400 guests for an evening filled with art and entertainment.

App to the Future


Promotional Sponsors: Phil Vedda and Sons, Inc, Spangle Magazine, Cleveland

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