Artwood Derby 2015


Saturday, June 06, 2015, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Admission to event: FREE
Racer entry: $8 ($5 for Season Pass members) or $3 for Old Skool (see below)
Register to race:
Pay racer entrance fee:

Help SPACES celebrate its 37th birthday at break-neck speed on a wooden track!
Sign up for Cleveland's most creative competition. We provide the car kits, and you provide the fastest, wackiest, most outrageous race cars.

Artists and non-artists (ages 5 and up) are invited to make their own car for the derby using the regulation SPACES kits. The entry fee gets you a car kit and one beverage from the bar the day of the event. If you still have your old Pinewood Derby cars from yesteryear, you may enter them in Old Skool for $3 (entry fee + a beverage from the bar). All racers have the chance to participate in the Make It Go Fast! workshop on May 24th, and display their cars in the SPACES gallery before the races.

The Artwood Derby track is approximately 36 feet long, with a 4 foot vertiginous drop, and the cars are powered by gravity alone. Celebrity announcers will call the races, cameras will capture photo finishes, and results will be tallied live.

Entry Categories

Fastest (must abide by regulations)

Cars made for speed.

Hottest Mess

Your car may not even move, but it looks good going nowhere.

Best in Show

For overall goodness. This car need not be fast or even pretty, but should blow the judge's socks off.


You get extra points for trying to be cool.

Old Skool

Do you still have your old Pinewood Derby car? Pay your $3 registration fee and race with the rest of the cars.


All racers competing in the Fastest category must have cars that pass the following inspection to qualify for the race:
1. Width shall not exceed 2-3/4 inches.
2. Length shall not exceed 7 inches.
3. Weight shall not exceed 5 ounces.
4. Axles, wheels, and body shall be from the materials provided in the kit.
5. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.
6. No lubricating oil may be used. Axles may be lubricated with powdered graphite or silicone.
7. The car shall not ride on any kind of spring.
8. The car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.
9. No loose materials of any kind are allowed in the car.

Cars entering in the other categories need not meet any requirements. As a matter of fact, the cars don't even need to move. Make them small, make them huge, make them elaborate, and kill 'em with glitter!

Sponsor the SPACES Cup!

This year, we are focusing on shifting the gender imbalance of pinewood derby racers. If you would like to help put car kits in the hands of young girls, consider becoming an Artwood Derby Girl Power sponsor. Read about the sponsorship benefits here and register as a sponsor here.

Artwood Derby 2015


Porsche Beachwood

Girl Power Sponsor

Thank you to our Girl Power Sponsors, Michele and Brad Kennett, who are placing 5 cars in the hands of underserved young girls.

Team Sponsor

Thank you to Artwood Derby Team Sponsor, Porsche Beachwood, who will be ready to rumble on 6/6/15.

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