Cell Phone Safe

Digital footprint audit

Monday, July 18, 2016, 1:00PM - 4:00PM

From 1pm - 4pm, July 18 - 20, Tim Schwartz will be offering a free digital privacy and security audit to anyone that wants it. The audit includes basic levels of protection everyone should have on their cellphone, how to securely communicate with others, encrypting your data, as well as the opportunity to create a signal blocking pouch for your cell phone. Our lives are embedded in devices, make sure you protect yours!

Specific information on how to protect your Cellphone.

Cell Phone Safe
Free digital footprint audit and advice

1. Leave your phone at home!
2. If you need to have a phone, have a signal blocking pouch - make one for free at SPACES!
3. Put a strong password on your phone!
4. Use a secure messenger like the Signal App for communication!

Lots more information at SPACES Gallery:
-how to stop tracking
-limiting who has access to your data

Office Hours: 
1-4pm July 18
1-4pm July 19
1-4pm July 20

More about Tim Schwarts residency with SPACES

Cell Phone Safe


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