Disco Dada Dreamscape

The 35th Dimension-SPACES Annual Benefit and Art Auction

Saturday, November 02, 2013, 7:00PM - 1:00AM

VIP preview party: 7 p.m. ? 1 a.m., $135 ($100 tax deductible)
Dreamscape Party: 8 p.m. ? 1 a.m., $45 ($35 tax deductible)
A la carte: Buy-It-Now Auction Option: + $45 (100% tax deductible)
Disco Dada Dance Party: 10 p.m. ? 1 a.m., $10 ($8 tax deductible)
A la carte: Auction Number: + $10 (100% tax deductible)

Want to volunteer? http://bit.ly/discovolunteerform
Check out images from last years party http://flic.kr/s/aHsjCKFXBA

Disco Dada Dreamscape: The 35th Dimension

SPACES' Annual Benefit and Art Auction combines art, costumes and music for a night to remember

Purchase tickets at: the door please.

Or if you want donate to the benefit https://www.spacesgallery.org/shop/tickets

Get ready for disco balls, incongruity and the stuff of dreams all converging at SPACES for another boisterous annual benefit and art auction with cosmopolitan flare. Whether you use this as an excuse to pull out your go-go boots and checkered flares, re-imagine your dreams, defy definition or just want to stand back and view the spectacular collage of colliding visions, this is the party for you!

Starting at 7:00 p.m. A-List VIPs will enjoy an all-access preview pass that includes entry to a private lounge, catered food and free drink tickets as well as the chance to exercise a Buy-It-Now option on artwork all night long. VIP's also get an hour head start on bidding over all other party goers.

Afro sporters, Max Ernst imitators, falling stars and dreamers can join the Dreamscape Party at 8 pm with General Admission tickets. Dreamscape party goers have full access to three auctions, cash bar, finger foods, live music, and dancing until 1 am.

The Disco Dada Dance Party takes off at 10 pm with themed music, a cash bar and a chance to pick up a great piece of art from the 12x12 auction, where all art is $75 and 12x12 inches or smaller. Got a 12x12 piece click on these links for details http://bit.ly/12x12_form and

Use the hashtag #DiscoDada to tweet about the benefit!

Disco Dada Dreamscape


Skyy Vodka Bolthouse Farms Great Lakes Brewing Company

Honorary Benefit Committee

James S. Anderson
Kathy Barrie
William Busta
Susan Channing
Jeffry Chiplis
Jane Farver & John Moore
Howard Freedman
Maggie Gallagher
Genna Petrolla
John Williams
Beth Wolfe

Benevolent Sponsors

James S. Anderson & David W. Wittkowsky
Dodd Camera & Video


Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP
Shannon McCue
Montlack Realty LLC
Process Creative Studios, Inc.

Host Committee

Fred & Laura Ruth Bidwell
William Busta & Joan Tomkins
Jeff & Cynthia Chiplis
Dalad Group
Dollar Bank
John Farina & Adam Tully
Nancy Fisher-Crum & Robert D. Crum
Howard Freedman & Rita Montlack
Jim & Cynthia Gascoigne
Howard, Wershbale & Co.
Per Knutås & Tim Young
Donna & Stewart Kohl
Toby Devan Lewis
Dr. Jon Logan & Scott Shafer
Lorain County Community College Foundation
Medical Mutual
Albert & Audrey Ratner
Jon L. Seydl & Daniel McLean
David & Terry Tully
Ulmer & Berne LLP

Benefit Co-Chairs

Katherine Bulava
Hilary Gent

Benefit Committee

Mike Christoff
Maggie Deininger
Maureen Dixon
Bruce Edwards
Michelle Epps
John Farina
Lori Kella
Lauren Kotmel
Martha Loughridge
Shannon McCue
Diana Prodan
Marilyn Simmons
Kate Sopko
Dawn Tekler

Entertainment by

DJ Neil Chastain

VIP catering by

Touch Supper Club


Jerry Mann, Event Documentation
Katie Cutshaw, Photo Booth

Donating Auction Artists

Amanda S. Almon
Christopher Backs
Jared Bendis
Emily Blaser
Blobby Farm
Lissa Bockrath
CAN Journal
Catherine Butler
John W. Carlson
Laurence Channing
Barbara Chira
Jeff Chiplis
Kristen Cliffel
Lane Cooper
Dana Depew
Eileen Dorsey
Bruce Edwards
Melissa Ferrato
Mallorie Freeman
Thomas Frontini
Hilary Gent
Elaine Green
Michael Gill
Derek Hess
Jeanetta Ho
Mark Howard
Nina Huryn
Andrea Joki
Brandon Juhasz
Lori Kella
Mimi Kato
George Kocar
Kimberly Kohler
Joseph Kosuth
Jimmy Kuehnle
Christopher Kulcsar
Qian Li
Michael Loderstedt
Thor Mahlon
Greg Martin
Liz Maugans
Nancy McEntee
Taryn McMahon
Rita Montlack
Eric Neff
Dana Oldfather
Bob Peck
Deborah Pinter
Angelica Pozo
Diane Pribojan
Bellamy Printz
Arabella Proffer
Prosperity Jewelry
Dante Rodriguez
Rose Iron Works
Dott Schneider
Suzanne Sebold
Karen St. John-Vincent
Tony Serna
Corrie Slawson
Paul Sydorenko
Arnold Tunstall
Brinsley Tyrrell
Susan Umbenhour
Laila Voss
Achala Wali
Tyler Zeleny
Zena Zipporah

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