Fixers Workshop

at Guide to Kulchur

Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 7:00PM - 8:00PM

Fixers Workshop at Guide to Kulchur
5900 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland will host 50,000+ visitors this July, as Republican delegates set their party platform during the Republican National Convention. Most of this traffic will be contained within our recently re-developed downtown, meaning that delegates will see very little of Cleveland, the 2nd poorest and 7th most economically segregated city in the U.S.

What would the rest of Cleveland tell decision-makers about our political challenges and what issues matter most to us?

In May 2016, SPACES will present The Fixers. Organized by Kate Sopko, this public art project will follow Clevelanders invested in urban vitality, social equity and strong democratic process what tour of the city they would take RNC delegates on if given the chance. These tours will be documented in a series of short films and released in the months leading up to the RNC.

Let's Hear Your Voice!
For the event at Guide to Kulchur on December 15, You will be ask this question: What places in Cleveland do you think it would be important to show RNC delegates? Feedback gathered at these events will be used in a trailer for The Fixers and will help refine what tours we eventually shoot for the project.

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