INTERLOCUTORS: A Live Video & Music Experience!

Curated by Andrew Auten & Lisa Miralia

Saturday, January 30, 2016, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Performance: Saturday January 30, 2016, 8pm-10pm
Doors open 7pm, Show starts 8pm
Tickets: $10 - all proceeds from the door will go to the performing artists

This performance brings together artists from the North Coast's video arts and experimental music scenes for an evening that explores the fascinating interplay of live visual and audio media. (See performer bios below.)

Featured performers include video artist KASUMI, who is recognized worldwide for her accomplishments as an avant-garde filmmaker, visual artist, performer, musician and writer. Joining Kasumi will be several veterans and relative newcomers to the Cleveland and Erie, PA experimental music scenes: The Celluloid Liberation Orchestra led by ADAM HOLQUIST (Onewayness) with Steve Lull and Ian Maciak; Synth Cleveland vets MIKE CROOKER and RON "PYROSONIC" SLABE; and the Silence Quartet with ANDREW AUTEN, JASON RODRIGUEZ, and MONIKER (Nathan Mahan + Matt Lageson).

The evening's program starts with the Celluloid Liberation Orchestra performing a live partly composed/partly improvised score to Georges M?li?s' 1904 French silent film, "The Impossible Voyage (Voyage ? travers l'impossible)", and to Germaine Dulac's 1928 Surrealist silent film, "The Seashell and the Clergyman (La Coquille et le clergyman)".

After an intermission, the program continues with Kasumi collaborating live video with both the Silence Quartet and Mike Crooker / Ron Pyrosonic Slabe duo in an improvised performance that will explore the interplay between sight and sound ~ with musicians reacting to Kasumi's video projections, and Kasumi reacting to the musicians' sound, including feeding their audio into her video for multiple layers of improvised audio/visual wonder!

Performers Include:

Kasumi, a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow, is recognized worldwide for her accomplishments as a filmmaker, visual artist, performer, musician and writer. She has performed at venues worldwide, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, W?rttembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart, Instituto Superior del Arte Teatro Col?n, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Anthology Film Archives, MAM Rio, and others. She has performed with artists as diverse as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Spooky, Modeselektor, the New York Philharmonic, the American Composers Orchestra, and The Cleveland Orchestra.
Watch Kasumi's film - Shockwaves.

The CLO is an experimental sound ensemble of rotating personnel and instrumentation, under the primary direction of ADAM HOLQUIST and featuring this night the trio of HOLQUIST (piano, electronics), STEVE LULL (guitar, electronics), and IAN MACIAK (percussion). CLO performs live 'composed improvisational' scores to classic silent films.

ADAM HOLQUIST is a prolific and critically acclaimed electronic musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He performs solo (as Onewayness) and in collaboration with multiple sound artists around the country.
 Watch Onewayness

For this evening's program, the CLO will perform two pieces. First, "The Impossible Voyage", a 1904 French silent film directed by Georges M?li?s. Based in part on the Jules Verne play "Journey Through the Impossible" and modeled in style and format on M?li?s's earlier and highly successful "A Trip to the Moon", the film is a satire of scientific exploration in which a group of geographers attempt a journey into the interior of the sun. Second, "The Seashell and the Clergyman", a 1928 French silent film directed by Germaine Dulac, and based on a screenplay by Antonin Artaud. One of the earliest pioneering films of the Surrealist movement, the film follows the enigmatic dreams of a priest obsessed with the wife of a general.


A lifetime of collecting superheterodyning shortwave signals, distant city traffic drones, and country wildlife field recordings has led Mike to weave these sounds into performances since 1985. He unearths the subsonic spaces between big events, finding the hidden pulse. Mike is an accomplished veteran of the NE Ohio synth and electronics communities.

Ron Slabe has been an avid and outstanding performer and composer since the late 70's. His work has included sound design for theater, dance, and performance art as well as live performance in various electro-acoustic sound art projects such as Pyrosonic and Whorlweaver. He has also been crafting electronic soundtracks for an annual multimedia and fire art festival since 1990. A seeker of unusual sonic atmospheres using an extensive arsenal of electronic equipment and found objects, Ron weaves a dense web of sound designed to evoke a variety of emotional states.

SILENCE QUARTET: a new ensemble featuring:

Andrew Auten is a Sound Artist, Composer, and Performer currently living in Cleveland, OH. Auten has worked with found sound since high school in upstate New York in the 1980's. His work uses a wide sound palette that includes field recordings, drum machine, digital samples and computer editing, voice, synthesizers, prepared guitar, and homemade instruments. Since 2010, Auten has performed and recorded solo as CounterRucking,and has also performed live in collaboration with other Cleveland artists at various Cleveland venues. Auten's small tape label Robot Tragedy Tapes has released several recordings on CDR, cassette, and digital download formats. As a promoter, Andrew has curated shows in Cleveland's Noise Lunch series, co-founded the improvisational music series New Ghosts, as well as hosting and co-hosting other local experimental shows.

Jason Rodriguez is a multi-instrumentalist and optical/video artist who has been active in the NE Ohio experimental scene since 2010. Rodriguez has been involved in numerous live performances including Ingenuity Fest, and a live performance with Richard Pinhas. Jason has appeared on multiple compilations and collaborative recordings, and will release his first full-length solo recordings in Spring 2016.

The two members of Moniker, NATHAN MAHAN and MATT LAGESON, were born and raised in Warren, OH and have been creating music together under different monikers for the last decade. Their style ranges from jazz to blues to fuzzed-out noise rock and everything in between. Matt traditionally sticks to drums/percussion but has been known to play a synth or two, and Nathan plays a variety of instruments with a focus on bass or guitar and electronics.

Cash bar with beer, pop and popcorn

Photo credit:
photo by Roman Heller
Live performance at B-Seite Festival - Mannheim, Germany - March 2015

INTERLOCUTORS: A Live Video & Music Experience!

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