New Media for Fine Arts Workshop

Art with an On Switch

Thursday, May 28, 2015, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

New Media for Fine Arts workshop, led by Ross Bochnek, in association with Cleveland Makers' Alliance and Ingenuity Cleveland.

Suggested donation to the workshop instructor: $10

Ross Bochnek, a local artist who incorporates computers and electronics into both his fine art processes and products, will lead a workshop that offers participants ample opportunity to ask questions about using automation and interactivity in their own artworks. Ross will present two families of development kits popular in the burgeoning international Maker Movement, that were intended from the start to be accessible by artists, designers, and hobbyists--not just computer scientists.

These two families are the Arduino and Raspberry Pi development kits: each family offers a variety of small, low-cost circuit boards, numerous software tools for customizing their actions, and a global community that teaches, uses and supports them. Both families of devices allow users to connect a wide variety of sensors as inputs, and lights, motors, and relays (allowing switching of higher current objects like home appliances) as outputs. By writing, modifying, and even copying freely available code, users can specify how the hardware evaluates inputs and how it affects outputs; allowing both automation and interactivity.

Ross was inspired by this emerging field after a visit to SPACES in 1994, during Matt Heckert's Mechanical Sound Orchestra exhibition. While mechanical applications have become common outlets for the previously described development kits, Heckert uses mechanics as a means to sonic and aesthetic ends. Similarly, this workshop will exemplify, suggest, and hopefully catalyze artistic applications; not only for kinetic sculpture, but also for assemblage, installation, screen-based, sound-based, and wall-hangable works intended for institutional and public exhibition settings.

Image of Blinkbat (2014), courtesy Ross Bochnek.

New Media for Fine Arts Workshop

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