PILLARS OF DECAY: A Sonic Adventure!

Presented by Lisa Miralia (Mysterious Black Box)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 8:00PM - 10:00PM

Doors open 7pm, Show starts promptly at 8pm.
$10 cash at the door - all proceeds going to the musicians

This immersive performance features Wisconsin's PILLARS OF DECAY, a setting of music and visuals created for post-consumer instruments fabricated from salvaged and scrap materials, realized and enhanced with technology. Opening the event will be the SOPKO-TOMINO-WENNINGER TRIO, each member of which is a "pillar" of NE Ohio's improvisational and free/new music sound community.

A setting of music and visuals created for post-consumer instruments fabricated from salvaged and scrap materials, realized and enhanced with technology and featuring originators Jeff Herriott and Trevor Saint.

Pillars of Decay is performing a spring 2017 tour in both traditional concert spaces and rehabilitated venues in cities across the Midwest where many of the old buildings and structures have been either forgotten or abandoned. The project is designed to celebrate the local individuals and communities that have found new purposes for the abandoned buildings, facilities, and materials in their neighborhoods. This concert-length show is comprised of original works written for the project.

Music for the project is composed by Amanda Schoofs, Matt Sargent, and the Skewed and Such duo (Trevor Saint and Jeff Herriott), and it is woven together into a seamless concert-experience. Instruments include a "rebar forest", with hanging pieces of rebar on metal trees; speakers embedded inside oil drums; sonified steel plates, fed with sine tones and other processed sounds; threaded rods, bullet casings, augers, various tubes, bowls, and hanging metals.

Short video of Pillars excerpts from an early project workshop. They are still creating more playable structures/sculptures, some of which can be seen here. Check it out!

Twitter with photos of the instruments, stage plot ideas, and more:

This new trio of Dan Wenninger (saxophone), Mike Sopko (guitar), and Joe Tomino (drums) plays improvised music which explores nuance, extended techniques, density, timbre and space. Each of these musicians is a key player in NE Ohio's free-jazz and improvisation communities.

MIKE SOPKO (guitar) is a fixture in outer space who relocated to planet Earth 37 years ago. Since his time back, Sopko has recorded and performed with musicians such as Bill Laswell, Dosh, Thomas Pridgen, Dave King, Mike Watt, and countless others. Recently Sopko teamed up with Joe Tomino to create the doom-metal duo Yellowstone Apocalypse, and the improvising Sopko-Tomino-Wenninger Trio.

JOE TOMINO is a drummer/producer, yoga instructor, and plant-based chef. Growing up playing punk and prog rock led him to study classical and jazz percussion/composition at New England Conservatory and Cleveland State University. He lived in NYC for fifteen years where he played, recorded, and toured with the likes of Lady Gaga, The Fugees, Mike Patton, Joe Maneri, Elliot Sharp, Wayne Krantz, Battle of Mice, Matisyahu, and Dub Trio. After moving back to Cleveland in 2014, Joe reunited with Cleveland-born trio Birth, co-founded Yellowstone Apocalypse, and joined the Sopko-Tomino-Wenninger Trio.

DAN WENNINGER is a saxophonist and veteran of NE Ohio's jazz and experimental sound scenes who currently performs with Oblique Orchestra, Revolution Brass Band, Trepanning Trio, and other collaborations. He also organizes two monthly new/free and improvised music series in town - 1Way at the Go Factory, and Outlab at the Bop Stop.

PILLARS OF DECAY: A Sonic Adventure!

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