Plum Academy 019 Driver's Head

Saturday, September 19, 2009, 10:00AM - 12:00PM

"1 credit. Artist Kristin Bly may be in the driver's seat, but you are the instructor/evaluator in this forum. Kristin sees himself as a very good driver, with excellent skills of observation, maneuverability, predictability, and driver multi-tasking. Almost unanimously, however, seemingly everyone who has ever been in a car or on a motorcycle with him has declared otherwise. During this forum, Kristin will drive around with up to four participants, conducting himself in the usual ways-all the while, defending his driving behaviors and unique style as NOT offensive driving, but rather the savvy, intelligent, and downright skillful execution that he (alone) maintains as the characteristics of his abilities to operate a moving vehicle. Just two-hours in the car listening to Kristin's music is worth it.
Enrollment limit: 4
Pre-requisite: A sense of adventure
Facilitator: Kristin Bly, artist / musician / writer / corporate minion"

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