Re:Sound 3 & (p)SPACE

Burch/Corkill/Gutierrez/Tower Duo

Saturday, June 09, 2018, 2:00PM - 4:00PM

This concert is part of Re:Sound, a NEW annual 4-day new music festival that brings together and showcases pioneers in the arts with diverse programming at venues throughout Cleveland! By connecting local and visiting artists, the festival is intended to further propel the innovation and artistry flourishing in Northeast Ohio. The festival is presented by Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project. Visit for more information.

Co-presented by (p)SPACE, this afternoon concert at SPACES features artists from Chicago, Columbus, and Austin!

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Phong Tran - Durability Problems (2017)
Corey Cunningham - from down here (2016)

Austin-based cellist James Burch presents two works for solo cello. Phong Tran's Durability Problems combines a raw physicality and an infectious rhythmic sense, resulting in a barrage of virtuosity. Corey Cunningham's from down here, drawing inspiration from the works of Rothko, presents three short character studies, each of which is an exploration and development of a small set of ideas.


Seung-Won Oh - Circle (2004)
Kyong Mee Choi- Flowerlips (2006)

Percussionist John Corkill performs two works by Chicago composers Seung-Won Oh and Kyong Mee Choi. In both pieces, sonic material is influenced by each composer's relationship to elements and organisms found within nature. Through these individual relationships, each of these pieces provides beautifully unique insight to help investigate and assimilate artistic interpretation to one's natural surroundings.


Eric Chasalow- Ariel Fantasy (2017)
Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf - atsiminimas (2016)

Two new works explore the concept of flutist as dramaturge in a literal and imagined sense. Eric Chasalow's new work "Ariel Fantasy" incorporates an Ariel's Song of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" into a monodrama for flute solo, in which the flutist must sing, speak, chatter, dance, play, and otherwise bring to life this wonderful text. The title of Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf's new work for Kingma bass flute, "atsminimas," refers to the concept of memory or recollection, and requires the flutist to constantly negotiate multiple staves of music, interrupting herself or creating a continuity of musical memory and drama as the music evolves over the course of the piece into something that is a recollection of the itself. Taken on their own terms, the two composers couldn't be more different in their aesthetics. Together they create an enacted fantastical drama and dialogue between instrument, player and score. Both works were written for and premiered by Shanna Gutierrez.

Erin Helgeson Torres, flute
Michael Rene Torres, saxophone

Charlie Wilmoth - Three Pieces (2013)
Michael Rene Torres - Four Short Episodes (2011)

Haling from Columbus, OH, Tower Duo performs the music of Ohio composers, Charlie Wilmoth and Michael Rene Torres. Torres' "Four Short Episodes" explores the timbral possibilities of the flute and saxophone combination and depicts four different stages of a dramatic, intricate, and sometimes explosive dialogue between two characters. Wilmoth's "Three Pieces" is repetitive, yet never sits still, keeping the performers on high alert - playing together at various points but then quickly splitting apart to interrupt or distract one another. The work has much to do with the way the performers move together as they perform.

Re:Sound 3 & (p)SPACE

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