Second Self Potluck

Alter Ego Show-n-Tell

Tuesday, March 03, 2015, 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Join us for Second Self Potluck, where friends-of-SPACES will discuss the unconventional things they do in their spare time. It's basically a show & tell for adults about their obsessions, over dinner. Don't forget to bring something tasty to share!

This is a Season Pass members-only event and it is FREE for all current Season Pass holders and new members who subscribe here. The SPACES Season Pass is your ticket to the Second Self Potluck, Monster Drawing Rally, 4 exhibition sneak peeks, studio visits with Quarter Artists, and other events throughout the year.


With over 80 years of obsessive carrot collecting between them, Jeff "Carrot King" Chiplis and Barbara Gannon will present favorite treasures from their respective collections and tell stories guaranteed to amaze and confuse.

Two and a half years ago, Tim Nevits radically downsized his life to 130 square feet when he jumped head first into the Tiny House Movement here in Cleveland. He'll share how this voluntary pledge to simplicity has transformed his life.

Bookbinder Cris Takacs will talk about her expertise in restoring wonderment and whimsy to ailing pop-up books.

Second Self Potluck

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