Where Wild Dogs Roam, Or No

Saturday, September 11, 2010, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

As part of his project, SPACES World Artist Paul Druecke, will also host Cleveland's first "non-event," Where Wild Dogs Roam, Or No. Paul invites the public to (not) join him at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. The meaning of and response to a non-event is open for debate and perhaps different for each person. Is it even possible to not attend a non-event? Druecke says of the project, "The beauty of a non-event is that everyone is involved no matter where they are or what they might be doing. It's the perfect solution for people with over-booked schedules." As with past projects, Druecke mixes humor, sincerity, and a critical eye in response to Cleveland's Cultural Gardens and their psychological contribution to the cityscape." The non-event is Paul's way of framing a general taking-for-granted of the Cultural Gardens. So Paul decided to shine a sharp light on the Cultural Gardens as he perceives them to be right now-an often-overlooked destination. Druecke insists, "I love the Cultural Gardens-their historic importance, their current drive-by status, and most significantly their sense of potential. I've staged successful events bringing attention to marginalized spaces-a patch of cement turned into Blue Dress Park, an unused museum lawn christened the Community Courtyard-but the Cultural Gardens required an extreme, unique approach."

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