Thursday, May 14, 2015

keegan & nick's Infinite Sarcasm

Thomas Mulready of Cool Cleveland visits the gallery to interview keegan&nick, as they perform SPLASH Boxes, before the opening of Bounce, at SPACES.
Contradictions abound in this father & son performance art team. Classically trained pianist and musician Keegan taps into his earliest memories of play as a 3-year-old. "I've always been a funnyman."

Their relationship is complicated. "Derision and sarcasm drive the process," explains Nick.

Keegan admits, "I believe the best way to show my love for [Nick] is to just drive him into the ground until he just…"

"…until I produce some great work," answers Nick.


They'll present their Splash Boxes performance at the opening of their exhibition, Bounce, on Fri 5/15 at 6-9PM, including debuts of projects by Chloë Bass, Kerry Downey and Daniel Gray-Kontar and students from Cleveland School of the Arts. Bounce This! takes place closing night, Fri 7/10, with Chris Auerbach-Brown and Thomas Kozumplik, activating keegan & nick's pneumatic device, Hayride.

Visit to the Cool Cleveland Link to View the video of the Splash Boxes performance.


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