Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monster Drawing Rally, a Live Drawing and Fundraising Event at SPACES.

It's uncommon for arts patrons to be offered the opportunity to watch the creative process of an artist before purchasing his or her work. Now imagine that times 100 artists.

That's precisely what will take place at the second annual Monster Drawing Rally, held at SPACES on Thursday, April 5, 2012 from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

"We started Monster Drawing Rally last year to bring together a great community of artists and the great community of Cleveland," explains Christopher Lynn, Executive Director of SPACES. "75 artists were able to meet each other, and the artists and visitors were able to watch the artists at work. It was very exciting to watch artwork being made and then be able to take it home with you."

Spaces will provide the necessary tools from pencils, charcoal, and pens, to markers, ink, and paper, while it will be up to the artists to work their creative genius. When a drawing is complete, the artist hands it off to a SPACES staffer, who puts it on the wall. Once up, it is officially for sale for $65 ($70 with tax).

"If multiple people are interested in purchasing a piece, playing cards are drawn to determine the winner. It's very fast paced and very fun for both the guests and the artists," adds Lynn.

You not only get a great drawing, but a great story to tell about it.

The evening will consist of four one-hour drawing shifts that will feature approximately 30 artists drawing simultaneously.

"Guests will be cheek-to-jowl since the event is so crowded," says Lynn. But that shouldn't be a deterrent to visitors, as the "artists will be working in a centralized location with the crowd swirling around them, watching them at work."

As an added bonus, the Touch Supper Club food truck will be on hand to feed the hungry masses before, during, and after the event.

Work will remain on display through Sunday, April 8, 2012. Proceeds benefit SPACES art programs.

Admission is $5 (free for SPACES members and children age 17 and under)

For a complete list of participating artists please visit the Monster Drawing Rally event page.

SPACES is located at 2220 Superior Viaduct, Downtown.


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