Wednesday, April 13, 2016


In June 2013, residents of Cleveland, Ohio, spent three days-using nothing but their own strength-to pull an eight-ton truck through the city. Pull! was the brainchild of performance artist William Pope.L, who designed the project as a testament to the power of shared labor.

Hundreds of Clevelanders volunteered to pull the truck 25 miles, wending their way through residential neighborhoods as well as downtown. The show of strength brought to mind the communal effort it took to build Cleveland-and the teamwork it will take now and in the future to keep it thriving. Hosted and commissioned for the 25th anniversary of the Cleveland Performance Art Festival by SPACES, the project aimed to open a citywide conversation about one of the most prominent aspects of most people's lives-work-and to recruit them to talk, eat, and labor together to accomplish something that would be impossible to do alone.


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