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SPACES Announces Public Projects Through 2013

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Press Release (PDF):

Cleveland, OH, September 14, 2012—SPACES announces its 2012-13 season of public projects. Following its mission to be the resource and public forum for artists who explore and experiment, SPACES has selected artists and experiences that test preconceptions about art, conjure engaging discussions, and challenge visitors in meaningful ways.

SPACES maintains three programs through which public projects flow:

  • R&D (Research & Development)
    The R&D (Research & Development) program invites artists, curators and other cultural producers to articulate their research and development of ideas and objects through a supported exhibition or project. These exhibitions and projects may be group, solo, or collaborative endeavors.
  • SWAP (SPACES World Artists Program)
    The SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP) is a residency initiative begun in 2002 that invites local, national and international artists to spend significant amounts of time in Cleveland. SWAP supports the creation, presentation and discussion of artwork while facilitating collaboration among audiences.
  • The Vault
    The Vault functions as a media flat file-a converted walk-in safe where audiences can experience a variety of video and audio art. Work is added to the The Vault on a rolling basis, where it remains on view for approximately six months before rotating out. Viewers have the remote control in their hands to select the work they would like to experience.

August 24 – October 19, 2012
R&D: An Inventory of Absence by Shana McCaw & Brent Budsberg (Milwaukee, WI)

SWAP: The Euclid Square Mall Project by Jef Scharf (Cleveland, OH)
  • When SPACES's current artist-in-residence Jef Scharf happened upon the partially abandoned structure of Euclid Square Mall last year, he was fascinated by the Mall's recent transformation of its empty retail spaces into churches and small businesses. This chance encounter led Scharf to document the mall's dramatic evolution from housing, as he puts it, "the cathedrals of capitalism to actual cathedrals." More:

The Vault: Selected Video and Sound Art

November 16, 2012 – January 18, 2013
R&D: Jeff Williams (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Through sculptures, videos, and photographs, Williams addresses the complex geographical and architectural history of the exhibition site. His work marks distinct and intersecting measures of time, using a diverse range of materials and chemicals to activate subtle transformations in the space of the gallery. The viewer would either witness or intuit these actions and conceptualize the work as duration, rather than a static presentation. More:

SWAP: Davor Sanvincenti (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Davor Sanvincenti (b.1979) is a multimedia artist who is specifically interested in a field of audiovisual research and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions. His artistic practice takes shape in the variety of media – film and video, photography, physical light and sound installations and live media performances. His work plays with the concept of illusion, exploring the possible boundaries of perception and the construction of experience. More:

The Vault: Selected Video and Sound Art

February 1 – March 29, 2013
R&D: Jon Rubin (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Titled "The Foreigner," Rubin's project would recruit citizens of Cleveland to function as physical avatars or proxies for foreign citizens living in countries the U.S. is engaged in conflict with, including Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela. Through simple audio/video chat technology each Cleveland proxy would be connected live to a foreign citizen. The foreigner would then speak only to the proxy (through an ear piece) and direct them, as they walked through various public spaces, in who to approach and what to say. More:

SWAP: Jimmy Kuehnle (Cleveland Heights, OH)
  • Jimmy Kuehnle is well known for his giant inflatable sculptures that he wears and moves around cities interacting with passers-by. In 2008, Jimmy researched public art and practiced sculpture as a Fulbright Graduate Research Fellow in Japan. His recent work features public performance treks through rural and urban cities in the U.S. such as Chicago, Detroit, Austin, St. Louis, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Dallas, and New York as well as international performances in Japan, Italy, and Finland. He worked as a resident artist at Sculpture Space, Albion College, and Ateljé Stundars. In 2010, he exhibited in a survey of international artists in residence at the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro in Milan, Italy. More:

The Vault: Selected Video and Sound Art

May 10 – July 12, 2013
R&D: Performance Artist(s) TBD

  • As part of the community-wide celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Cleveland Performance Art festival, SPACES will be welcoming an artist or artists to explore where performance art is today.

SWAP: Pull! by William Pope.L (Chicago, IL)
  • In partnership with SPACES, artist William Pope.L will call on the people of Cleveland to manually pull an 8-ton truck across the city for 72 hours straight. Pull! is a show of strength that can only happen if thousands of people across the city team together. It provides a moment for the diverse people of Cleveland to work together, eat together, pull together and talk together about one of the most powerful, meaningful forces in our lives-- our jobs. And to accomplish all of this through a community performance project made for and by the people of Cleveland. Pull! will take place on June 7-10 of 2013, as part of the 25th anniversary of the Cleveland Performance Art Festival. More:

The Vault: Selected Video and Sound Art

August 23 – October 18, 2013
SWAP: Mary Mattingly (New York, NY)

  • Mary Mattingly (b. 1978) is an American visual artist living and working in New York. She was born in Rockville, Connecticut in 1978.[1] She has studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. She is the recipient of a Yale University School of Art Fellowship. Mattingly explores the themes of home, travel, cartography, and humans' relationships with each other, with the environment, with machines, and with corporate and political entities. She has been recognized for creating photographs and sculptures depicting and representing futuristic and obscure landscapes, for making wearable sculpture, "wearable homes," and for her ecological installations, including the Waterpod (2009). More:

The Vault: Selected Video and Sound Art

November 15, 2013 – January 17, 2014
SWAP: Mimi Kato (Cleveland, OH)

  • Mimi Kato is a Japanese artist who lives and works in the US. Kato received her MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2006. Kato's solo exhibitions include WindowWork:One Afternoon, Artpace San Antonio, TX(2009), Secret Tribe of Hubbits, Roswell Museum of Art, Roswell, NM(2008), Fox Wedding, Ballina Arts Center, Ballina, Ireland(2007) and Yokai Zyukkei:Scenery with Monsters, Joan Grona Gallery, San Antoio, TX(2006). Kato's recent group exhibitions include What isn't it, Texas State Unviersity, San Marcos, TX(2009), Art Now Miami, International Art Fair, Miami, FL(2007), Foto Noviembre, International Photo Festival, Canary Island, Spain(2007). Kato was a recipient of Roswell Artist in Residency Program in Roswell, NM in 2008 where she stayed for a year to create her new bodies of work. Kato's works are in collection of Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, Roswell, NM; Federal Reserve Bank, Houston, TX and The University of Texas at San Antonio. More:

SWAP: Yuka Oyama (Born in Japan. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany)
  • Yuka Oyama seeks to visualize personal stories, inner psyche, and the uniqueness of a person as wearable objects and installations. Using participatory activities, such as collaborative handcrafts and interviews, as active research she collects insights, dialogues, texts, drawings and more from participants. She employs the social nature of handcraft to create situations that provide a common place for people of various social backgrounds to start open dialogues. Equally she adapts the playfulness of "decorating" to encourage the individualizing of mass manufactured conditions. More:

The Vault: Selected Video and Sound Art

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