American Night

Tamar Harpaz
May 20 - July 10, 2011

SPACES welcomes Tamar Harpaz from Tel Aviv, Israel as its 32nd artist-in-residence as part of its SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP). As part of her 9-week residency, Harpaz will complete a public project that will investigate American mythology and the development of Israeli culture and its parallels to the West.

Employing the unique characteristics of obsolete technology, Harpaz creates what she terms "video and sculpture and the border between the two." Often verging on illusionary, these installations integrate intimate domestic objects with projections of light, photography and video. In All That Glitters, Harpaz broke a small pane of glass and mounted it in an autofocus slide projector. The slide projector then displayed a dazzling geometric abstraction on the wall that gently pulsed as the projector attempted to focus on the broken glass. The resulting work is an exquisite, living, moving image without the use of contemporary video technology.

Harpaz will be interacting with the community and presenting at various universities and at public events during her stay in Cleveland.

Harpaz received her BFA and MFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. She currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Harpaz was the 2009 recipient of the Israel Cultural Foundation Sharett Scholarship.

This residency is assisted through a partnership with the Jewish Community Federation and the Schusterman Visiting Artist Program (, which is supported by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

Tamar Harpaz will be SPACES' 32nd artist in residence as part of the SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP). SWAP is a residency initiative begun in 2002 that invites national and international artists to spend significant amounts of time in Cleveland. SWAP supports the creation, presentation and discussion of artwork while facilitating collaboration among audiences.

Video and Streaming Media

Two Rode Together by Tamar Harpaz

Showdown by Tamar Harpaz

All That Glitter by Tamar Harpaz

American Night by Tamar Harpaz


National Endowment for the Arts Schusterman Visiting Artist Program Jewish Community Federation

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This project is a part of the SWAP Program.

The SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP) offers residencies to international, national and local artists who explore and experiment. SWAP supports artists in the creation, presentation and discussion of new work, while facilitating opportunities for them to collaborate with artists and audiences in Northeast Ohio.

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