Beautiful Dreamer

The Science & Culture of Escape, Fantasy & Reverie

Peggy Bates, Sandra Bermudez, Amy Chaiklin, Maureen Connor, Katherine Daniels, Shelly DiCello Ahern, Jonathan Feldschuh, Carla Gannis, Tara Giannini, Marcella Hackbardt, Elizabeth Huey, Kim Keever, Craig Kucia, Karen Marston, Dean Monogenis, Russell Nachman, Anna Pederson, Leemour Pelli, Mark Power, Alexander Reyna, Tim Rollins, Gae Savannah, Raven Schlossberg, Drew Shiflett, Mary Ann Strandell, Liz-N- Val, Conrad Vogel, Ruth Waldman
September 09 - October 23, 2005

The purpose of Beautiful Dreamer is to discover the inherent truths contained in art work that explores the fantastic, the ambiguous, the obscure, and the fanciful in order to gain perspective on the agendas of contemporary art production and the contingencies of meaning which they share. This exhibition explores the context of romanticism in the situation of contemporary art, its roots in certain historical tendencies, its cultivation of a genre of inspiration, and the resulting variety of forms which emerge from it. The "beautiful dreamer" of the title is both an archetype and a person, directed by a divine wish to connect with the inspirational elements in both conscious and unconscious endeavor that feed our dreams, and alternately, our ability to dream.

Curated by David Gibson.

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