Except As A Punishment for Crime

December 01 - March 24, 2017

Anthony Warnick
Artist In Residence: December 1, 2016 ? January 31, 2017
Exhibition: January 27 ? March 25, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, January 27, 6:00 ? 9:00 PM
Public Presentation: Call for More Information

This project involves the interrogation of the prison industrial complex and its connection to history, profit, and labor through objects produced within the system.

The past two decades have seen the rise of for-profit prisons. This shift from the administering of those incarcerated from the control of the state to the control of corporations focuses the conversation about their labor and pneuma. Through the appropriation of labor and utilization of the system of production these corporations provide, the work highlights these problematic conditions. The objects and performances Warnick produces demand ethical inquiry while connecting the history of representation and communication to the power of the state and capital over labor.

As an artist Warnick has inserted himself into the purchasing system in order to gain the raw material for his project. This engagement reinforces the context of the goods produced through the use of captive labor, and the numerous corporations that exploit this system.

Except As A Punishment For Crime

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Anthony Warnick: SWAP #58


National Endowment for the Arts Ohio Arts Council

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