Heaven Heaven Heaven

Chris Kulcsar
November 19 - January 21, 2011

For his SPACELab project, multi-disciplinary artist Chris Kulcsar will construct an interactive sound environment. As a sound artist, Kulcsar has often employed heavy manipulation and layered effects to his work. In this upcoming project, he invites the public to play an integral role in the creation of an evolving project. Gallery visitors will enter into a casual setting where they will be greeted by a continuous sound loop that will play uninterrupted over speakers throughout the space. Participants will be encouraged to play and record with pre-produced cassette tapes to add a distinctive sound, or layer, to the loop as a contribution to the ongoing process.

Artist's Bio (in his own words)
Christopher Kulcsar was found floating on the banks of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio during the final months of our great nation's 200th birthday celebration. He has frittered away his time making loud noises and occasionally taking (and teaching) courses of art instruction. Mr. Kulcsar somehow found the time to attend and graduate from both Cleveland State University and the University of Cincinnati receiving a BA and an MFA respectively.

Editors note: Mr. Kulcsar can also be heard playing around town with This Moment in Black History.

Video and Streaming Media

Tour of the Heaven Heaven Heaven at SPACES

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2220 Superior Via.
Cleveland, OH 44113

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This project is a part of the SPACELab Program.

SPACELab is a laboratory created to help Northeast Ohio solo artists or collectives push and pull a concept until it materializes. SPACELab not only acts as a platform for the display of process and projects, but also provides resources and instruction.

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