Migracion of Language Juan-Sí González + Paloma Dallas

Juan-Sí González
September 05 - October 17, 2008

Born in Cuba, SPACES World Artist Juan-Sí González currently lives and works in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with his wife and collaborator Paloma Dallas. In this project created during his residency at SPACES, González invites Dallas, born and raised in Ohio with Spanish as her second language, to further their investigation of the "boundaries that both join and divide individuals." "Language is both the vehicle one uses for communicating and the filter one has for understanding. It cannot be disentangled from the cultural and historical baggage that comes with it. Recognizing that along the borderlands of language is where the binomial of memory-identity is most strongly triggered, we explore the consequences of physical displacement-the migration of language-and the complex, and painful, process of insertion and adaptation in a new social context. Our own process of migration and language acquisition are set against a vast human history of migration and transculturation."


National Endowment for the Arts

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