David Bowen, Nancy Brown, Dylan Collins, EG Crichton, Christa Donner, Erica Duffy, Nene Humphrey, Greg Little, Reinhard Reitzeenstein, Laura Splan, Steven Thurston, Laura Vinnedge
January 18 - March 07, 2008

It is the fierce intellectual curiosity of artists and scientists alike that drives the search for truth and reason. The artists in Phenomena(l) are our emissaries into the mystery, spectacle, process and pure fun of science. Through their investigations we reconnect with science and re-imagine its role in our lives.

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This project is a part of the SPACES R&D Program.

The R&D (Research & Development) program invites artists, curators and other cultural producers to articulate their research and development of ideas and objects through a supported exhibition or project. These exhibitions and projects may be group, solo, or collaborative endeavors.

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