Irina Spicaka: Latvia

Irina Spicaka
October 09 - January 16, 2015

In Residence: October 9-November 12
Public Presentation: November 6
On view at SPACES: November 14-January 16
Opening Reception: November 14 6pm-9pm

Irina Spicaka makes spatial sculptures, generative art, and audiovisual works fabricated with semi-autonomous software systems. Her code becomes a flexible material that is partially capable of its own creation.

Process, Spicaka's audiovisual installation at SPACES, is a work in progress that is based on the experiments with software and technology. This work is being developed in collaboration with media technologist Krisjanis Rijnieks. The installation is comprised of a set of algorithms that interact with one another to make a partly predictable result, defined by the parameters set by the artists.

Three-dimensional surfaces will be used as screens for animations, which will be projection mapped by the custom made application. There will be several generative sound sources connected to visual compositions, forming a larger composition that will run in a series of loops. Each loop starts with the same impulse and ends with an algorithmically predictable yet varied audiovisual result. Process will show how many different sound and visual variations are possible by using the same algorithms.

Irina Spicaka ( uses mathematical logic, geometry and visual programming tools to communicate audio and visual experiences. She deconstructs the rectangular screen by using projection mapping and exploring the ways that these spatial objects can be used in acoustics. Spicaka (Riga, Latvia) is a founding member of CC4AV, a group of artists working with digital interactive media. CC4AV ( organizes workshops and audiovisual events that have been presented at Pixelache (Finland), Skaņu me?s festival (Latvia), within the School of Machines and Betahaus education program (Germany), and at Click Festival 2014 (Denmark). Spicaka joins the SWAP residency as a CEC Artslink Fellow; she is SPACES' 49th SWAP resident.

ArtsLink Residencies offers artists and arts managers from 37 overseas countries five-week residencies at non-profit arts organizations throughout the US. The program enables artists and communities across the US to share artistic practices with artists and arts managers from abroad and engage in dialogue that advances understanding across cultures.

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SWAP #49 Irina Spicaka


National Endowment for the Arts Ohio Arts Council CEC Artslink Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

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