Public Displays of Data

Embodying our Digital Signatures

Tim Schwartz
July 18 - October 21, 2016

In Residence: July 18 - August 29, 2016
Exhibition: August 26 - October 21, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday August 26, 6PM - 9PM

Public Displays of Data will reclaim our digital footprints through performance and the movement of data into the real world.

Tim Schwartz (Los Angeles, CA) is on a mission to invade your privacy. Not because he wants to do what some of the big collectors of personal data want, but to show you, the unwitting clicker, just how much of your digital presence is being collected, stored, collated, and sold. He is here in Cleveland for the SPACES SWAP Residency following digital trails that each of us leaves behind, like string through a labyrinth right into our deepest private thoughts and experiences. The ownership of the trail is given up by a simple click on the accept button of a service agreement, to one online company after another. Google alone can construct a fairly accurate portrait of a person and sell the data at will.

Our data is culled and collected by governments, corporations, and organizations. We share, tweet, like, have homepages we recycle, a way we move the mouse, flip through tabs, the timbre of our messages, our word choice, the tone of our scroll, the timing of our clicks - all these elements are trackable and make up our digital signature. Tim Schwartz insists that we need to recapture this data string and claim it as our own. These aren't just points on a graph for an advertiser or government analyst - these pieces of data are us.

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 Public Displays of Data


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