Red Winged Black Bird

Efrat Klipshtien
May 15 - July 17, 2009

While in the Israeli army, Efrat Klipshtien provided nature tours at various sites in the mountains. After her service, she began to implement more non-conventional tour tactics into her art practice as a performance artist. Drawing on her experiences as a guide, Klipshtien explores the dynamics of the viewer's relationship with public spaces, objects, and positions of power. Through subtle feminist-political delivery, Klipshtien engages audiences through a versatile range of media.

In Cleveland, the artist will create a large-scale installation using everyday materials and household products. Klipshtien will also produce and direct a performance (tba).

She writes in her statement, "For me, the spectator is part of the journey, and his [?] experience within the installation consciously includes [?] the distance he passes in the installation and the distance between him and the art work, while visible and hidden temptations take the experience to the extreme."

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