Shrinking Cities

Research & Intervention

Markus Bader, Paul Cotter, Jeremy Deller, Anne Claire Deville, Tore Dobberstein, Tyree Guyton, Andreas Haase, Jan Liesegang, Gareth Morris, Kyong Park, Complizen Planungsburo, Cedric Price, Isa Rosenberger, Heidi Rustgaard, Andreas Siekmann, Eike Sindlinger, Greg Siwak, Ulrike Steven, Susanne Thomas, Ingo Vetter, Gitte Villesen, Annette Weisser
April 20 - June 08, 2007

Shrinking Cities examines the worldwide phenomenon of urban population decline. Artists, architects, filmmakers, journalists, cultural and social researchers present the changed reality of four cities and regions; Detroit, Michigan; Manchester & Liverpool, United Kingdom; Ivanovo, Russia; and Halle/Leipzig, Germany. "In addition to presenting relevant statistics, Shrinking Cities presents several of today's most innovative urban revitalization strategies, split into categories such as Organizing Retreat, Self-Governance, Occupying Space, Creating Images and Negotiating Inequality."

Shrinking Cities is a project of the German Federal Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the Project Office Phillipp Oswait, the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, and the magazine archplus. The exhibition comes to Cleveland through a combined effort between SPACES and the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

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