James Cullinane
January 09 - February 20, 2004

Cullinane paid two visits to Northeast Ohio, taking a break for time with family during the holidays. After scouring the sign shops and abundant industrial supply stock of Cleveland, he created four separate pieces for his multi-media installation, Stadium, on view Jan 9?Feb 20, 2004. In addition to presenting a lecture at SPACES to a diverse audience, Cullinane discussed his life as an artist with art students at Max S. Hayes Vocational, a Cleveland Public High School. Later these students helped him with the monumental task of creating a wall piece out of tens of thousands of metal pushpins. Stadium suggests an inherent violence in America's sports-culture, a confusion of work, play, and war. The Guggenheim Museum's associate curator Susan Cross (NYC) discusses Cullinane's new work in the brochure published by SPACES.

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This project is a part of the SWAP Program.

The SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP) offers residencies to international, national and local artists who explore and experiment. SWAP supports artists in the creation, presentation and discussion of new work, while facilitating opportunities for them to collaborate with artists and audiences in Northeast Ohio.

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