Storage Space

Johnny Coleman, Mark Grote, Young Kim, Fredrik Marsh, Benjamin Montague, Mark Slankard, The Bridge Club, Blake Williams
June 22 - August 03, 2007

Sometimes, a sliver of an image, a hint of a fragrance, a word or a small gesture has power to transcend time and place to a space where intimate collections of buried imagination are stored. In Storage Space, eight artists approach memory as a vehicle for recapturing the essence of a moment, real or imagined.

Through the use of photo-based media, sculpture, video, and mixed media installation, each artist develops a stage for recreating an experience filled with personal, yet often universal themes. Johnny Coleman (Oberlin, OH), Associate Professor of Art Studio and African-American Studies at Oberlin College, creates a visual and auditory experience based on memory. In a mixed-media installation created specifically for this exhibition, Coleman incorporates architectural elements and sound to intersect memory with future. Benjamin Montague (Dayton, OH), Assistant Professor of Art & Art History at Wright State University, translates images from the Iraq War into fragmented, intimate tintypes that reference Civil War imagery. Otterbein College's senior lecturer of art, Fredrik Marsh (Westerville, OH), presents large-scale photographs of abandoned rooms once filled with activity, now left only with often eerie traces of life. Works from Mark Grote (Covington, LA); Young Kim (Morgantown, WV); Mark Slankard (Huntington, WV); Blake Williams (East Lansing, MI); and The Bridge Club (Crusted Butte, CO) are also included in the group exhibition.

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