Round 1

Jason Eppink, Thu Tran
May 30 - July 25, 2014

Opening reception: Friday, May 30, 6 – 9 pm
On view at SPACES: May 25 – July 25, 2014

TAG is a multi-stage project, which will be conducted twice (May - July and August - October 2014). In this first round of TAG, Brooklyn-based artist Thu Tran returns to Cleveland for the home field advantage and engages Queens-based artist Jason Eppink in the creation of two collaborative artworks that will evolve over four weeks. Both artists will create their individual artworks within the SPACES gallery during week one. After each of the next three weeks, the artists will switch spaces and work with what the other has created-but they aren't allowed to discuss their decisions with each other.

Like a game of tag, there is no real competition or winner, just a playful framework through which the artists' unscripted dialogue changes over time. The public is invited to observe the artists during the four-week working process. At the end of each week, SPACES will hold public events for audiences to have a public conversation with Tran and Eppink about their recent artistic decisions, but not discuss their plans for the next phase.

Coinciding with TAG is Übertag, an open space in our front gallery for visitors to leave their own creative mark that will become part of an artwork in flux. Bring your own materials and tag at your own risk!

May 25 – 30, noon - 5pm: See the artists in action
May 30, 6 - 9pm: Opening reception / Big Reveal #1!
May 31 – June 6, noon - 5pm: (switch) See the artists in action
June 5, 6 - 9pm: Randomized Collaboration / Big Reveal #2!
June 7 – 13, noon - 5pm: (switch) See the artists in action
June 12, 6 - 9pm: Farewellcome / Big Reveal #3!
June 14 – 20, noon - 5pm: (switch) See the artists in action
June 19, 6 - 9:00pm: Dueling DJs / Big Reveal #4!

Collaborative projects from TAG: Round 1
Gig Economy Website: created during four weeks of TAG .
Lost at Sea: also created during TAG.
Video Holes: while at SPACES Jason and Thu made 30-second video portraits of each other and secretly installed them in the floor of the gallery.

Description of artworks taken from Jason Eppink's website:
Lost at Sea is a second-person vision quest departing from a monochromatic, patterned world led by an enthusiastic five-year-old girl on a sailboat.

Welcome to the Gig Economy is a website for people who want to deep dive into the new market-disrupting labor structures made possible by recent technological innovations, voiced largely by participants in this increasingly popular economic system. From social-friendly, media-rich content and thought-leading photo essays to reality-based video testimonials and engaging, interactive quizzes, Welcome to the Gig Economy is guaranteed to grow your knowledge of the economic changes that result from a redistribution of employment power and its impacts on flexibility, stability, creative latitude, long-term growth opportunities, and potential earnings.

Lost at Sea, along with Welcome to the Gig Economy, is the culmination of a unique collaborative structure defined by SPACES. Over the course of one month, the inimitable Thu Tran and I worked separately on either project for one week before trading and working on the other's project. In the first week, Thu shot a series of vignettes defining a monochromatic, 2nd-person aesthetic. In the second week, I created a narrative structure and introduced the five-year-old narrator. In the third week, Thu uncovered a theme and made progress towards a climax. And in the final week, I refocused the narrative, fine-tuning the editing and adding digital effects, resulting in the work's final form."

Image credit: Jason Eppink & Thu Tran, The Great Compleboration of MMXIV (2014), courtesy of the artists.


Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

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