The Vault (January - March 2015)

Cleveland In My Mind's Eye

January 30 - March 27, 2015

Opening Reception: January 30, 6 ? 9 pm
On view at SPACES: January 30 ? March 27, 2015

Cleveland in My Mind's Eye presents a range of perspectives on Cleveland and a loose timeline of video responses to national news item that start here. The video selection unfolds as both a hopeful portrait of a post-industrial city on the verge of its renaissance and an exercise in critical civic dialogue. Fake tourism videos, time-lapse sketches, virtual threats, and local celebrities appear in this complex portrait of a city.

List of Works in The Vault: Cleveland in My Mind's Eye

Anonymous to Cleveland Police, 2014
The online collective Anonymous issued this statement warning it would sabotage Cleveland's official government website, as a response to the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a Cleveland police officer.

Marc Brown (Cleveland, OH)
Devils, 2007
Marc Brown, owner of Norton Furniture, became a Cleveland pop icon with his unorthodox commercials that explain, "If you can't get credit in my store, you can't get credit anywhere." Produced by Digital Edge.

Marc Brown (Cleveland, OH)
Kids What Time Is It?, 2007
See above.

Alexander Kernbaum & Andrew Horchler (Sunnyvale, CA & Cleveland, OH)
The Nest: 36 Views of a Bridge, 2011
A time lapse study of the Veteran's Memorial Bridge, taken from Key Tower, the tallest building in the city.

Alexander Kernbaum & Andrew Horchler (Sunnyvale, CA & Cleveland, OH)
Seasons of Cleveland: 36 Views of a Bridge, 2011
A time lapse study of Cleveland and its seasonal changes.

Jesse Marainut (Auckland, New Zealand)
Cleveland is Happy, 2014
While a senior at Benedictine High School, Marainut shot this video to address the negative perceptions of Cleveland in the media.

Mike Polk, Jr. (Cleveland, OH)
Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video, 2009
Mike Polk's satirical videos parodying the promotional advertisements for Cleveland tourist destinations went viral when they were uploaded to YouTube in 2009. The videos garnered criticism from Positively Cleveland--the city's tourism agency--and provoked a counter attack, in the form of a contest for residents to make their own tourism videos about the city that were "positive in nature" and emphasized an "unexpected side of the area for tourists to discover."

Mike Polk, Jr. (Cleveland, OH)
Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video: 2nd Attempt, 2009
See above.

Michael Symon & Think Media Studios
Ode to Cleveland, 2014
Cleveland native and celebrity chef Michael Symon presents a simultaneously gritty and sanitized picture of Cleveland. This video was produced for the Trade Show News Network Awards, during the Fabulous Food Show. Courtesy Jeremy Levine and Cleveland I-X Center.

Keith Ten Eyck (Cleveland, OH)
Kickstand Promotional Trailer, 2014
Trailer for a documentary on bicycling and motorist traffic infrastructure surrounding Cleveland Ohio's journey towards sustainability.



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