The Vault (May - October 2013)

Christi Birchfield, Gabrielle Civil, Cleveland SGS, Michelle Ellsworth, Alexis Gideon, Maya Jeffereis, Jayson Keeling, Rosamond S. King, Jonathan Lemieux, Shaun El C. Leonardo, Machine Project, Saul Melman, Irvin Morazan, Luke Munn, Denise Prince, Tara Raye Russo, Marisol Salanova, Jef Scharf, Nyugen E. Smith, Nathan Stevens, Paul Wiersbinski, Martin Zet, Agni Zotis
May 17 - October 18, 2013

The Vault functions as a media flat file-a converted walk-in safe where audiences can experience a variety of video and audio art. Work is added to The Vault on a rolling basis where it remains on view for approximately six months before rotating out. Viewers have the remote control in their hands to select the work they would like to experience.

Currently in The Vault: Video


The Vault allows for spontaneous additions of art that SPACES comes across regardless of themed and curated "playlists."
Expires: 11.15.13

Alexis Gideon
Video Musics III: Floating Oceans, 2012
Alexis Gideon's non-linear and linear stop-motion video opera is bases on the fiction of Lord Dunsany, and inspired by the dream experiments of John William Dunne. The piece contrasts the vivid dreams of its poet-protagonist with pedestrian life.

Low Lives
Low Lives ( is an international festival of live performance-based works transmitted via the internet and projected in real time at multiple venues around the world. This selection curated by Low Lives Founding DIrector Jorge Rojas features seventeen international artists and artist collectives. The videos presented are documents of the artists' performances as they were streamed live.

Low Lives highlights works that critically investigate, challenge, and extend the potential of performance practice presented live through online streaming networks. The project celebrates both the transmission of ideas, and also what is blurred, gained, or reconfigured in the process as we communicate and present ourselves online. The lo-fi aesthetic, with its pixilated images, low sound quality, and the ever-present potential for "technical difficulties," has been an integral aspect of communication via contemporary web technology, and also of the Low Lives platform. Low Lives is not simply about the presentation of performative gestures at a particular place and time, it is also about exploring the potential of live streaming networks as a creative medium connecting performance artists with audiences around the world.
Expires: 11.15.13

Gabrielle Civil
<>, 2010
Gabrielle Civil states that "the aim of all [her] work is to open up space."
Featured in Low Lives 2

Michelle Ellsworth
Homewrecker, 2012
Michelle Ellsworth's solo dance with hamburger pits the burger in a love triangle between two people.
Featured in Low Lives 4

Jayson Keeling
The Marked Man, 2010
In Jayson Keeling's allegorical performance The MArked MAn, the artist presents his body as emotional repository, litmus, and locus to a conceptual exchange between individuals marked as other and communities stigmatized by neglect.
Featured in Low Lives 3

Rosamond S. King
Supplicant, 2009
Rosamond S. King's writing and performance work is deeply informed by her involvement in Caribbean, African and American culture. In "Supplicant," the artist alternately and repeatedly goes through different religions' embodiments of prayer.
Featured in Low Lives 1

Jonathan Lemieux
Semiotics of my Fridge, 2012
Jonathan Lemieux's alphabetical consumption of the poor contents of his art-student fridge is a physical endurance performance based on Martha Rosler's "Semiotics of the Kitchen" (1975).
Featured in Low Lives 4

Shaun El C. Leonardo
Self-Portrait Campe?n, 2010
Staged at the world famous Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, New York City, Shaun El C. Leonardo and another fellow wrestler execute a choreographed, predetermined match.
Featured in Low Lives 3

Saul Melman
Gatherings, 2010
Saul Melman explores the substance of time and how it reveals itself within our frame of perception. Through a sequence of repeated actions, "Gatherings" reshapes measured time through the force of intervention.
Featured in Low Lives 3

Irvin Morazan + Maya Jeffereis
Whipped Cream Offerings, 2010
Irvin Morazan and Maya Jeffereis perform Whipped Cream Offerings as a futuristic ritual before our online community. The performance seeks to complicate the relationship between human/machine and human/deity in their cultural contexts.
Featured in Low Lives 3

Luke Munn
Suite for Webcam, 2010
In this work by Luke Munn, the surface of a studio wall is activated with a series of bodily gestures. The ripples and breaks, hollow points and smooth paint reveal a sonic landscape inherent in an everyday object.
Featured in Low Lives 2

Denise Prince
Gossip, 2009
The films, videos and performances of Denise Prince are at once disarming and alluring. She addresses intimacy, vulnerability, unguarded pleasure, and infidelity. Prince's willingness to completely let her guard down initially provokes awkward discomfort.
Featured in Low Lives 1

Tara Raye Russo
Protest: Stand in Solidarity No. 1 (Farmers vs. Monsanto), 2010
From Tara Raye Russo: "This protest is to show our support for farmers utilizing organic practices. Whether it is 2 people or 50, this performance is to make a stand and let the world know we are conscious citizens aware of where our food comes from."
Featured in Low Lives: Occupy!

Marisol Salanova
Machinima Sexual Choreographies 1, 2010
Marisol Salanova's work is part of a research in Post Porn Iconography-learning about representations of gender in new media from the changing practices of pornography and sexual roles in video games.
Featured in Low Lives 3

Nyugen E. Smith
The Occupation: Mind, Body, Spirit, 2012
Nyugen E. Smith's performance revolves around the sexual ownership of the Black woman by White male slave owners and the subsequent offspring that received preferential treatment at times and severe castigation at other times.
Featured in Low Lives: Occupy!

Nathan Stevens
Fidelity a la Insurgency Radio, 2010
Compiled from stolen sounds and captured compositions, the humdrum of today's "lo-fidelity" society gets mixed down into five minutes of performative piracy.
Featured in Low Lives 3

Paul Wiersbinski
1st Person Home Video, 2010
Paul Wierbinski's performance deals with one of the most formal qualities of 3D shooter video games: The first person view, in which a weapon is held motionless in the forefront of the perspective of the player and the rest of the virtual world is moving.
Featured in Low Lives 3

Martin Zet
Night Averment, 2010
Martin Zet's progressively louder declaration can loosely be translated, "People. Friends. The artists are with you!"
Featured in Low Lives 2

Agni Zotis
Meditator, 2010
Agni Zotis says of her work, "I explore the self, the human condition, transformation, transcendence through energy. The breath is a continuous flow from the moment of birth to the moment of death and everything else happens between these two points."
Featured in Low Lives 2

Swap Video Catalogs

Machine PRoject (Los Angeles, CA)
SWAP #32: Machine Project, 2011
Los Angeles-based collective Machine Project is known for their thoughtful and off-kilter approaches to art experiences. Audiences are welcome over the course of the exhibition period to spend time on Nate Page's couch bleachers as the Machine Project artists explore journeys into psychic mediumship, daily folk and electronic music, human yarn instruments, occasional manifestations of food, vaudevillian Wagner games, broken-instrument-karaoke, workshops on massage, experimental meditation, and more.
Expires: N/A

Christi Birchfield (Parma Heights, OH)
SWAP #36: Christi Birchfield, 2012
Using iconography surrounding the late sculptor Eva Hesse and actress Marlene Dietrich as catalysts, Christi Birchfield built an installation that meditates on the relationship between ephemerality and the making of art objects.
Expires: N/A

Cleveland SGS (Cleveland, OH)
SWAP #38: Cleveland SGS, 2012
Cleveland SGS' "Essence Unique Shrine and Showroom" pulls from the visual language of storefront spiritualists, dream books, tourist brochures, and the symbolic possibilities of parlor games to delve into traditions of spiritual tourism in Cleveland.
Expires: N/A

Jef Scharf (Cleveland, OH)
Swap #40: Jef Scharf, 2012
Jef Scharf became fascinated by the partially abandoned Euclid Square Mall's recent transformation of its empty retail spaces into churches and small businesses-or as he puts it, transforming from "the cathedrals of capitalism to actual cathedrals."
Expires: N/A

Cleveland Performance Art Festival Archives
The Cleveland Performance Art Festival took place between 1988 and 1999. Each year, the eyes of the performance art world would turn to Cleveland where the internationally renown and the up-and-comers would converge. Artists such as The Blue Man Group (before anyone knew who they were), Annie Sprinkle, Holly Hughes, William Pope L., Nao Bustamante, Karen Kinley, Rachel Rosenthal, Ping Chong, and many others appeared in Cleveland. Most every performance was captured with two video cameras, and now that footage is in the Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library Special Collections where it is in desperate need of conservation. Please visit to find out how you can help preserve this fantastic document of Performance Art and Cleveland's cultural heritage.
Below are six segments that have been preserved from the archives and organized by theme by Festival organizer Thomas Mulready.
Expires: 11.15.13

Women Performance
Selections from the Cleveland Performance Art Festival's archives featuring Clara Crockett, Kathy Rose, Julie Laffin, Rebekah Windmiller, Nancy Adams, Dana Bryant, Lorena Wolffer and Thea Miklowski.

Performance Art as Controversy
Selections from the CLeveland Performance Art Festival archives, featuring Ray Langenbach, news clips on PAF'97, Keith Hennessy, Annie Sprinkle, John Fleck, Kate Bornstein, the National Endowment for the Arts and Reno.

Movement Based Performance Art
Selections from the Cleveland Performance Art Festival's archives featuring Keith Hennessy, Kathy Rose, Doug Cooney & Karen Stephens, Mark McCusker, Eliot Fintushel, Clara Crockett, Jeff McMahon, Seiji Shimoda and James Slowiak NWPL.

Music and Media Based Performance Art
Selections from the Cleveland Performance Art Festival's archives featuring Die Audio Grupe, CRISUS, Matt Heckert, Danny Mydlack, Fred Chance, Jordan Davis, Robert Sirovica and Blue Man Group.

Task and Durational Performance Art

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