URe:AD Press in Cleveland


URe:AD Press
July 08 - October 13, 2017

In Residence: July 8 ? August 19, 2017
On View at SPACES: August 18 ? October 13, 2017
Opening Reception: August 18, 2017, 6 PM ? 9 PM

URe:AD press (United Re:Public of the African Diaspora) is a print and media-based collective by artists Sharita Towne (Portland, OR) & Shani Peters (Brooklyn, NY), grounded in a shared affinity for travel, the African Diaspora, self-determination, audio/visual media, and DIY printmaking strategies. Both internationally exhibited visual and socially engaged artists, Towne and Peters organize creative exchange programs and public workshops around the globe while showcasing messages of Afro-Diasporic love, unity, and empowerment. For URe:AD TV, URe:AD Press will engage Cleveland's Afro-Diasporic communities.

Through community work and travel, URe:AD Press has witnessed that artistic and activist strategies around the world have been influenced by the organizing efforts of Black Americans. A language of empowerment historically emerged in the 1960's as a demand that our existence and rights as citizens reach their fullest expression. This vernacular continues to inform movements across the world and continues to inform contemporary art. Yet the language of empowerment that exists in other Afro-Diasporic contexts, is not as prevalent in the US. URe:AD Press asks: Can art facilitate the exchange of these global lessons of empowerment between various Afro-Diasporic contexts? How can these exchanges be used in the US to continue the fight for equity? Have the contributions to American Black identity of cities, like Cleveland, been eclipsed by larger cities, like New York and Los Angeles? How can new media approaches shift those dominant cultural narratives?

URe:AD TV is URe:AD Press' largest video exchange program to date. The network features video shorts from around the Diaspora submitted through a global open call. The program originally launched as a part of the Public Access/Open Networks show at BRIC Media Arts in Brooklyn, NY (simultaneously airing on Brooklyn Public Access through the run of this exhibition). Following BRIC, URe:AD TV will travel to 4 additional stops across the United States (Cleveland, Portland, Oakland, New Orleans) in its first year. From there, the program will expand and travel internationally.

Featured UR:eAD TV Artists are:
Kalimah Abioto ?????????
Kamari Bright ????????????????????????????????????
Pamela Council
Joseph Cuillier ??????????????????????????????????? ?
Tha?s Diarra?(performer)???????????
Catherine Feliz ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Ivan Forde?(director)/?Tamara Renee?(performer)
Amir George ?
Carrie Hawks ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Christopher Horne*
Masimba Hwati
Ariel Jackson
Patricia Kaersenhout ?????????????????????????????????????
Kitso Lynn Lelliot ???????????????????
Chris Martin
Joiri Minaya ???????????????????????????????????????
Luis Manuel Otero ?????????????????????????????
Beatriz Vierah ??
Ezra Wube
*Original production created in collaboration with URe:AD Press in Cleveland, OH

Video and Streaming Media

SWAP #60 URe:AD Press


National Endowment for the Arts Ohio Arts Council

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