Royden Watson
August 26 - October 21, 2011

Northeast Ohio artist Royden Watson returns to SPACES as part of the SPACELab program. Known best for his trompe-l'?il paintings resembling plywood and painters tape, Watson departs from this academic practice in favor of exploring a more didactic approach. Utilizing the notion of the "browning of America" (a phrase popularized by American writer Richard Rodriguez), Watson embarks on an examination of separation and mixing in America.

In the current political environment ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and economic status are hot button issues playing out in immigration, gay marriage, taxes, poverty, employment and debt. State and federal governments are pushing and pulling to determine legal rights while scrambling to balance budgets. In the m?lange of issues and debates, it becomes clear that perspective is desperately needed.

Watson's project involves paper printed with the outline of the United States onto which drops of pigmented liquid will be regularly dripped onto key locations on the map, allowing the drops to seep into and across the paper. Each drop signifies a political issue and their hotbeds of activity. Over the course of the exhibition, as colors mix and layer, America will literally be "browned" while issues are raised and illustrated for the audience.

Watson is no stranger to SPACES, having shown there in 2000 as part of Artists for a New Era.


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This project is a part of the SPACELab Program.

SPACELab is a laboratory created to help Northeast Ohio solo artists or collectives push and pull a concept until it materializes. SPACELab not only acts as a platform for the display of process and projects, but also provides resources and instruction.

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