refuge, nest, habitat, and memories of lived spaces

Migiwa Orimo
January 31 - April 04, 2014

Building upon her past public art project (that collected citizens' private memories imbedded in public spaces), Orimo will, during her residency at SPACES, turn the focus around and visit private homes of Cleveland families and collaborate with them in exploring notions of refuge, nest, habitat, and memories of lived spaces. Orimo will then create a new installation in the gallery that collapses the boundaries between open and hidden spaces that we live in and pass through daily.

Orimo comes to the SWAP program fresh from a project that looks at the "act of remembering", and the difference between public and private memories. Asking specific questions about personal and collective remembering, and how this memory becomes history. Orimo pulls images and material from public receptacles where we "outsource memories", where memories are abandoned in plain view to be forgotten, or re-imagined, re-presented, re-collected, "where memories meander away from the precise."

In Cleveland, during her residency, Orimo will turn her attention toward the Private, and enter homes of Cleveland Families. By imbedding herself for a period of time in the dwelling, and working with the hosts, the artist will be in a unique position to reveal aspects of how lives are expressed by home, and the intersection of memory and place.

In collaboration with the families, Orimo will create an installation for the SPACES gallery that collapses the boundaries between open and hidden spaces that we live in and pass through daily.

Migiwa Orimo will give a public presentation on February 6, 2014 6-8pm. see<> for more information.

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SWAP #46: Migiwa Orimo


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